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My Mission

Designed with Passion.

Created for Purpose.

solo soul solutions

I empower you to explore your true identity and to build a purpose-driven brand and sustainable business around your SOUL.

What I do

With over 20 years of experience in design, branding, marketing, business strategy, leadership development, and with a design degree and an MBA, I am passionate about helping people find more purpose, freedom, and fulfillment in the life they live and in the work they do.

What you get

I help solopreneurs, startups, or big corporates to truly understand who they are, what drives and motivates them and navigate through the complex world of design, branding, and communication. I empower them to be visible and to get attention in the relevant communities so they gain momentum and create a sustainable business (and life): Both ethically and financially.

About me

Conscious Life

Hi, I’m Susanne. I have a passion for sustainable and conscious living. My life is a wild ride and the exploration of a more meaningful life. I am a mom and have a burning passion to protect this planet. I support the 1% for the planet initiative:

I'm a Creator

I am an award-winning solution creator for ethically engaged, soul-driven businesses.

I hold a degree in Communications Design and an MBA with a focus on sustainable leadership. I have over 20 years of international, professional experience. I have lad diverse Teams, in different industries, on different continents. I’m a change driver and deliver solutions for B2B or B2C, for solopreneurs, or brands turning over billions in revenue. I challenge the status quo and won awards for Design, Branding, Corporate Publishing, or Marketing. I love what I do. Do you need help to find your unique identity and empowerment to tell your story to inspire sustainable action?

Translate your inner magic into a story and brand that changes people lives and grows your business while maintaining a meaningful life.

I'm an Explorer

I am an outdoor passionate & Head of Adventure. I own several bikes, skis, snowboards and surfboards. I never travel without any sports equipment.

In the past 20 years, I have commuted between Munich and Sydney, cause I love the mountains and the sea.

I'm an Introvert

My introversion is manifested in a more reflective and reserved behaviour:

  • self-aware
  • take time making decisions
  • feel comfortable being alone
  • don’t like working in big groups
  • Prefer to write, paint, design rather than talk
  • feel tired after being in a crowd
  • use my imaginations to work out a problem
  • retreat into my own mind to rest

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About me

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Fill your life with adventures, not things.
Have stories to tell, not stuff to show.

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solo soul solutions

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solo soul solutions

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