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Working with Susanne has been empowering and simply magical. When I hired her, my idea for what I wanted to create was only a seed. She sorted my puzzleheaded ideas into a blossomed reality. She held my hand and guided me every step of the journey. She has transformed Volt CafĂ© BrĂșlerie not only into a brand but into a CafĂ© with a SOUL. She is welcome for lifelong free coffee. If you have the chance to work with her: take the chance!

Melina – Founder & CEO
Volt Café Brûlerie

There are no words to articulate how much I have enjoyed working with Susanne. I knew I was in the best hands starting from the first call. At every stage of the Keksliebe branding process, Susanne blew my mind. I could not have dreamt my brand would be so unique, inspiring, fun, authentic, simply SOUL-ful. I continue to work with Susanne, also on all my future projects, and highly recommend her to anyone looking to build an aligned brand and business.

Steffi – Founder & CEO

When I started working with Susanne, I already had my business up and running but had no idea about corporate identity, branding, consistency and I was completely overwhelmed. And then she came in, rooted me back to my core values, my passion. She increased my motivation and recreated my SOUL story. Today I know exactly who I am, what my brand stands for, who I work for and where to draw the line. I can only recommend Susanne!!

Bettina – Founder
OEKO Conscious Cleaning

Susanne was the contact person for all corporate identity related design tasks. Her area of responsibility (which she carried out independently) included: products, print, POP material, catalogs, website, online activities, advertisements, promo goods, events.
She has excellent specialist knowledge and extensive work experience. Susanne always showed initiative, always worked with a high level of personal commitment and was conscientious and reliable even when the workload was high.

Klaus – Division Manager Snowboard & Protection
HEAD Snowboards

Susanne is an open-minded and very accomplished manager. Due to her excellent specialist knowledge and diverse professional experience, she is very familiar with her area of responsibility. She also works flexibly at all times on solving various issues. In addition, she is an innovative and practice-oriented manager who always develops extremely effective solutions due to her analytical thinking skills.

RĂŒdiger – CEO

Susanne was responsible for all marketing in the German-language region. Susanne supported the management comprehensively and successfully in achieving the overall growth expectations as well as the strategic corporate goals.
Susanne has very good specialist knowledge and an exceptionally quick apprehension. Due to her excellent conceptual and analytical skills as well as her excellent judgment, she always copes with upcoming problems very well. She is able to handle even complex processes in a structured and effective manner. She always develops high-quality solutions where she proves to be extremely creative, flexible and responsible.

Cornelia – Manager Human Resources
Getty Images

Susanne impressed with her excellent expertise, which she always used confidently and competently. Due to her extremely quick comprehension and her methodical approach she quickly found intelligent and elegant solutions even to difficult problems. Even under the most difficult work conditions, she accomplished her tasks in an outstanding manner. Susannes approach to her work was always very well planned, extremely timely and result oriented. At all times he impresses with very high reliability. Susanne completed all tasks to the utmost satisfaction.

Roman – Head of Legal Affairs & Head of Human Resources
Huber Burda Media

In her role, Susanne was involved in media placements, preparation of advertisements, promotional campaigns, sponsorship activities, preparation of the internal newsletter, as well as assisting with marketing financial analysis.
Whilst her time at BMW Sydney her contribution to the organization was considerable. Susanne displayed a very professional and friendly personality and I enjoyed the opportunity of working with her.

Stephen – Marketing Manager
BMW Sydney

Susanne was employed as an Art Director and helped with the following tasks: Magazine Layout, Print Production, Art for Advertisements, Client Contact, Point of Sale Material, complex Photoshop Image Manipulation, Labels.
We thoroughly enjoyed Susanne’s stay. As she was a proven team player who greatly contributed to our success at work.

Klaus – Managing Director
Wagner Business Development

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