What is your SOUL Identity?

What is your SOUL Identity / Archetype?

Successful brands have a strong sense of identity, one that tells a unique story and reflects on the desires and hopes of their community (or audience). But finding YOUR SOUL IDENTITY, your story, your voice, your tone can be overwhelming. I am here to help with:





Identifying your SOUL Identity from the archetypes can be an eye-opener and ease you into telling your unique SOUL brand story that is the fundament of your SOUL business.

What are Archetypes?

The SOUL Identities I refer to are derived from the concept of psychological ARCHETYPES, advanced by the Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung.

ARCHETYPES are used as a way of structuring meaning – they are the subconscious patterns that we use to perceive other human beings and brands. I will refer to them as SOUL Identity.

They are made up of, e.g.:

  • Beliefs
  • Values
  • Meaning
  • Motivation
  • Fears
  • Metaphors
  • Assumptions
  • Expectations
  • Morals
  • Ethics
  • Desires
  • Belonging
  • Associations
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Understanding SOUL Identities / Archetypes

There’s something special about the brands we like. We share an unspoken bond with them that is difficult to explain. It’s as if we’ve met them before. It’s almost as though we love them in some circumstances.

What is it about these brands that draw us in? Why do we accept them into our family and show them loyalty?

What is your SOUL Identity / Archetype?

How do archetypes and branding intersect? The answer is straightforward: in the most fundamental way possible.

We understand archetypes. Our brains instinctively organize information by grouping like items and recognizing patterns. Recognizing common characteristics in individuals and symbols aids in the processing and comprehension of a tale. These similarities prompt us to experience certain emotions. They also cause some gut-level reactions.

As humans want to engage with people we are drawn to feelings, not products or services. People know and understand a brand when it adopts a major character archetype. People will like and trust you if they understand your brand, which will lead to connection and conversion.

Archetype is derived from the Greek words „arche“ and „typos,“ which mean „beginning“ and „imprint,“ respectively.

As a result, an archetype can be looked of as something that leaves a lasting impact on us… which is also an aim of a successful brand.

In the early twentieth century, psychiatrist Carl Jung explored archetypes. Carol Pearson, a leadership consultant, later adapted Jung’s insights to business and marketing at the turn of the century.

The 12 SOUL Identities or Archetypes

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Use your SOUL Identity /Archetype to your advantage

Twelve SOUL Identities, aka archetypes are defined and discussed in Pearson’s book „The Hero and the Outlaw: Building Extraordinary Brands Through the Power of Archetypes“ (co-authored by Pearson and Margaret Mark). 

I’ve been utilizing archetypes to help entrepreneurs establish and expand successful SOUL brands and sustainable businesses.

My SOUL Identity framework is based on my 20 years of experience and my conviction that brands will be more successful if they know exactly what is at their core. Traditional success will follow when we display more personality, are honest about our principles and beliefs, and strive hard to make a real difference in people’s lives.

Use your archetype to your advantage! You can provide yourself with an effective and long-lasting foundation to develop your brand by determining your SOUL Identity, including clarity and confidence.

Are you excited to discover your SOUL Identity? 

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What is your SOUL Identity?

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