SOUL Website

Imagine having a website aligned with your SOUL Brand!

Imagine your website...

  • sets up your company for growth.
  • differentiates you from other players in your industry.
  • reflects your SOUL, your essence, and your values.
  • presents you as an expert in your area of competence.
  • strategically converts customers into visitors.

Imagine having a website that empowers your SOUL Brand to reach your dream audience, increases your impact, and scales your business easily!

I have a very structured approach to design your Website

SOUL Brand Identity ​

You provide everything around your SOUL brand Identity: Your mission, your vision, your logos, colours, fonts, images, portraits, graphics, icons etc. and I will work with this.

In case you don’t have this yet, don’t worry, just get one of the SOUL Branding packages here. 

Website Playbook

We will talk about every detail in a Discovery Call and I will provide you with an intensive (super easy to use) playbook. This playbook will lead our entire process and break it down into easy steps.

Definition of Goals & Content

As soon as you finished the playbook I will use it as a solid fundament to create a first draft of everything…content, structure, functionality..

Design Prototype​

I will create a functional prototype website including agreed pages, header, footer, menus, internal links, external links, and integration of two external hosted forms (e.g. newsletter, contact, calendar).

SOUL Website​

After your feedback ad final GO we will go live and you will get training on how to change, add and grow your website by yourself. I promise that this is easy! In case you grow so quickly, that you need regular support, no worries, I’ve got you covered with our monthly support


Here a few website design examples

Benefits of a soulolution Website

  • I capture your true SOUL and tell a unique, authentic story.
  • The look and feel will match your SOUL Identity and will promote brand recognition.
  • It will be built solely for you, so not be from a template that everyone else uses in your industry.
  • In the hidden backend, everything will be implemented to boost conversion with the uttermost options for automation.
  • It will be expandable and easy to grow, as your business grows.
  • It will have a holistic approach to functionality and customer experience


Frequently asked Questions

I want to make sure you feel great about working with soulolution!
I know that this is an important investment in yourself, your business and your future. The soulolution SOUL Brand framework is designed to answer all of your questions, give you clarity and confidence, and ensure you feel supported and guided at all times.


Yes!  It is all about YOU, your SOUL! And no one know you better than you! So I need you to fully contribute ad your essence to every step. 


My aim will always be to be laser focused on only a tiny intake of customers and be as quick as I can. I typically book projects 1-2 months in advance. Due to the detailed nature of my SOUL Identity framework, I like to give each one the love and attention they deserve. Therefore, if you have a particular launch date in mind please reach out as soon as possible.
And if we start, it is a step by step process where I need you and your contribution – so it also depends on the speed of your feedback. Overall experience shows that the final design process can take up to 8 weeks.



Only half-kidding. You’ll get instant access to the playbook and a welcome email with instructions. #happydance


Consider this choice as an investment in your prospective customers. How many additional consumers or clients would you have to secure to make back your initial investment? What could you charge for your goods/services if your brand was where it needed to be? And here’s some harsh love: Can you really afford to not build your brand? I can’t promise you’ll put in the effort, but if you do, I know this method is effective. You are decided to stop procrastinating and take action by investing in the program.

In case you want a payment plan, just ask!


A logo or a website is only part of what your brand needs. The deeper need is creating a meaningful, memorable and consistent SOUL-aligned brand and experience everywhere your audience encounters you. Taking you through my SOUL Identity framework ensures that your brand delivers real results. Your package will deliver everything you need to attract your audience, build a relationship with them and win their hearts (and business!!). This approach gives you the greatest return on your investment and saves you money (and nerves) in the long run.


Yes I do. Just ask me about them.


Have a look at what my clients have to say at my CLIENT LOVE page.


You sure can. You will have your own access to the website and can easily change or add content. Barely no technical skills are needed to do so. 

I use a ‘drag and drop’ style editor to make this as easy for my clients as possible. Upon handover, I’ll take you through training to put control of your website in your hands.


Hmmm… it depends. As this is all about you, you should write your copy yourself. We will provide an easy to follow handbook with loads of guidance and tips. Also we need a few images (portrait) of you. But beyond this we can help with selecting a few brand related images form external (free) sources.


We will build the website in WordPress and use the Elementor Plugin to design it. WordPress is an open source platform meaning it is free from ongoing costs and offers unlimited range of flexibility to customise your website to suit your specific needs.

And Elemetor is on eof the most verstile design PlugIns around. And it works responsive (so on any device or screen, on laptop, iPad or mobile).

Our experience showed that this is the most powerful combination of tools for creative web design. 


Easy! We know that businesses grow and that there will be a constant need to adapt and add content on a website as well. We have a monthly support container which you can easily add at any time. More info HERE.


I am a Designer by heart and every soulolution website starts from a blank white page. Your website design is created from a mix of your brief and moodboard, your specific product or service offering and my expertise in website design. Whilst I have a particular design style, no two websites will ever be the same.


Independent from my services you will need to pay for hosting and the domain name as long as you use the website.

Most of my website packages do not have any ongoing costs or license fees.

However, in some cases you might require specific functionality in addition to my base packages: for example, an even more high end design software, specific images or fonts you want to buy and in rare cases specific licenses for external tools like Zapier or email or CRM tools. 



You sure can. You can normally set this up with your host and some even offer a free mail service. 


You sure can, please just use the form provided HERE.


Need a SOUL Brand Identity first?

SOUL Branding

Do you need a SOUL Brand? Authentic, unique, premium-looking, one that expresses your SOUL, your vision, is in line with your values, and resonates with your dream clients?


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