The MAGICIAN Soul Identity

You are the Magician, the Alchemist, the Transformer.
Your path in life is to transform. You have a well-developed intuition and are the sorcerer, seer, and miracle worker. 

Transformatio Invention Mystery


To use knowledge of how the world works to transform it to a vision.

The MAGICIAN Competence

You provide hope to others so they can achieve results that seem impossible for them.


You can be manipulative and also tend to be self-critical, which can lead to perfectionism + procrastination.

A possible MAGICIAN Mood Board

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Welcome to the Magician SOUL Brand

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This set includes the following Canva templates:

  • Brand Mood Board
  • 6 IG Highlight Covers
  • 12 IG Stories with images, quotes or a collage
  • 12 IG Engagement Stories
  • 2 Facebook Covers

Everything is fully editable:

  • Brand Colours
  • Brand Fonts
  • Brand Image Style
  • Brand Mood Board

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