Work with me

Work with me

What I do

With over 20 years of experience in design, branding, marketing, business strategy, leadership development, and with a design degree and an MBA, I am passionate about helping people find more purpose, freedom, and fulfilment in the life they live and in the work they do.

What you get

I help solopreneuers, startups, or big corporates to truly understand who they are, what drives and motivates them, and navigate through the complex world of design, branding, and communication. I empower them to be visible and to get attention in their relevant communities so they gain momentum and create a sustainable business (and life): Both ethically and financially.

soulolution Packages


SOUL Blueprint
SOUL Business Set
SOUL Webpage


SOUL Blueprint
SOUL Business Set
SOUL Webpage


SOUL Blueprint
SOUL Business Set
SOUL Webpage

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