Small Business Checklist

With over 20 years of experience in design, branding, marketing, business strategy, leadership development, and with a design degree and an MBA, I am passionate about helping people find more purpose, freedom, and fulfilment in the life they live and in the work they do.

Small Business Checklist

Below is a small Business Checklist for solopreneuers. I took all of this into consideration while scaling my business and creating the life I wanted to live: profitable, kick-ass, and sustainable.

Please don’t be daunted, just work through the list as you go.

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Small Business Checklist​

Personal Essentials

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Personal Foundation

In the end (or more the beginning?) it is all about YOU. You have to set yourself up for success. That’s why you need to be your priority number one!

  • I make myself a priority: Only if I am well I can serve others. SELF CARE!
  • I have morning rituals in place to set me and my intentions up for the day.
  • I prioritize and plan what is ahead.
  • I eat healthy food and drink a lot.
  • I make time for sports.
  • I also have slots to „switch off“ and am unavailable.
  • I constantly learn (books, podcasts, courses). SELF DEVELOPMENT
  • I listen to my SOUL and make a new plan if needed 😉
  • I celebrate all my wins.
  • I take responsibility for everything, so I have the power to change anything.
  • I set boundaries before others do it.
  • Family & friends support me.

Small Business Checklist

Business Foundation

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Business Foundation

  • I have a clear SOUL Blueprint:
    • Mission
    • Vision
    • USP
    • Story
    • Identity
  • I have a clear goal/strategy/business plan/roadmap.
  • I absolutely love my products or services.
  • I know my target audience very well.
  • My target audience knows me very well.
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SOUL Brand Visuals

  • I have a unique brand.
  • My logo reflects my brand.
  • I have colors, fonts, images, patterns etc in use.
  • I use everything everywhere very consistent.

In case you need support with this, check out how to work with me!

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Target Audience & Dream Clients

  • I know exactly who my dream audience is.
  • I have an avatar.
  • I know what motivates them, what they like, what they need and how I can help them.
  • I know what story resonates with them.
  • I know how to convert them to loyal customers.
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Your Product or Service

  • I have a product I absolutely love.
  • My product is unique.
  • I can explain my product up and down while I sleep.
  • I can explain all the benefits with ease.
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Essential Technology

  • I have as much automation in my business as I can.
  • I have tools to keep up to date and to research my interests.
  • I have tools for planning.
  • I have tools to automate marketing.
  • I have tools to manage my audience.
  • I have a digital service, but in case you have a „real“ product, you might need to think of storage, logistics, shipping.
  • I have tools to automate my sales.
  • I have tools to automate my revenue.

Have a look at my tools list here.

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SOUL Marketing

  • I have a compelling, unique story to tell.
  • I know my competitors very well and how I differ from them.
  • I am visible on the channels my audience is present.
  • I have a clear (not overwhelming) marketing plan with different strategies.
  • I have a lead generation magnet (opt-in).
  • I have an easy to find and easy to understand website.
  • I utilize social media platforms well.
  • I have a customer relations management tool.
  • I engage with my audience regularly.
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Sales & Growth

  • I know my USP very well and communicate it very consistent on all channels.
  • I have an easy entry point with a few free options, so people can test my products/services.
  • I have a defined sales funnel.
  • I know how to move individuals through the funnel.
  • I have a super easy check out (& delivery).
  • I know how to upsell.
  • I know how to re-sell.
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Finances and T&Cs

  • I understand my finances.
  • I set my prices very strategically.
  • I understand my cash flow and projections.
  • I understand how to handle taxes globally (or have this outsourced).
  • I maintain a P&L sheet and look at this very regularly.
  • I plan investments well ahead.
  • I pay my bills immediately.
  • I have automated invoicing.
  • I have banking Apps in place handling global income.
  • I am aware of my break-even point.
  • I have a clear statement on warranty and liabilities.
  • I have very clear terms and conditions in place.
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Support Team (if applicable)

  • I have an organisational chart.
  • I know where I bring the most value-add and what to outsource.
  • I hire others for things they can do better – and trust them!
  • I foster a culture of trust, freedom, and respect.
  • I have an onboarding plan to get everyone up to speed.
  • Every team member knows their role and responsibility.
  • Everyone has SMART goals. 
  • We have regular meetings where we check in on roadblocks etc.
  • We celebrate success together.
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Small Business Checklist

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