Benefits of using Elementor to create a beautifully designed soul-aligned webpages with ease for solopreneurs.

Google Fonts

Quick Tips Google Fonts

Here is a little introduction on free Google fonts for commercial projects and how you can filter, download and use them.

What is an Archetype Test?

An archetype test helps individuals identify their brand archetype. Solopreneurs can create a solid foundation for their branding strategies.

Upload a Favicon

How to Upload Favicon on your WordPress Webpage. Step by step quick tips from soulolution – solo soul solutions.

Quick Tips

soulolution practical Quick Tips and Strategies that you can implement right away: SOUL Branding, Design, Communication and much more

Personal Branding as Solopreneur

Building a personal brand is crucial for establishing your identity, attracting and retaining customers, and ultimately growing your business.

Free Photo Libraries

Free Photos for SOUL branding

Find a detailed list of free photo libraries available in the web for private and commercial brand design usage.


I started as an Art Director over 20 years ago and meanwhile have a broad portfolio and gallery of print and only Art I have designed. Find a selection here.

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