SOUL Foundation

SOUL FOUNDATION - Your Brand Identity

Wha you get

  • Comprehensive SOUL Blueprint Workbook
  • SOUL Vision Board
  • SOUL Stylebook + Digital Files
    • Logo Design
      • Color + black/white
      • File formats: EPS, PNG, JPG
    • Colours
      • Web RGB
      • Print CMYK
    • Supplement Brand Fonts
    • Image Style 
    • Other Style elements like lines/pattern

How we work

Step 1

We have a 30 min call and align on your values, interests, goals. In case we feel aligned, we proceed with the following:

Step 2

You receive a comprehensive SOUL Blueprint Workbook with questions to discover your true Identity. 

Step 3

Together we create a Vision Board that captures your SOUL, Vision, Values, Colors, and Style.

Step 4

I will create your Logo and Stylebook. We will have another alignment call and I will finalize your Logo and Style,

Step 5

I will supply you with your SOUL Brand Tool Box which will comprise your unique logo in colour and black/white, as well as in EPS, PNG, JPG formats.  You will also receive a SOUL Stylebook that outlines the colour palettes for web and print usage, your style of images, and patterns or textures and fonts used in your branding. 

Good to know

As it is all about YOUR SOUL I will involve you in this process to fully incorporate YOUR Identity.

Tools you need

Basically, you only need a laptop and access to the internet. 
I will provide a space to preview material and to exchange & align.
All tools used will be free.


As soon as you have finished the SOUL Blueprint Workbook I need about 4-6 weeks. 


Extra costs might follow if you request specific fonts or images.

Read more in my T&Cs.

Compare alle SOUL Brand Packages


SOUL Blueprint
SOUL Business Set
SOUL Visibility Set


SOUL Blueprint
SOUL Business Set
SOUL Visibility Set


SOUL Blueprint
SOUL Business Set
SOUL Visibility Set

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