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I started as an Art Director over 20 years ago and meanwhile have a broad portfolio and gallery of print and only Art I have designed. Find a selection here.

Client Love

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Client Love Testimonials Testimonials of my clients, business partners, or employers Welcome to my testimonial, or client love page! Here you can read about the experiences and successes of my satisfied clients. I believe that hearing from those who have worked with me is the best way to showcase the quality of my services and […]

Sydney & the Sea

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Sydney and the Sea I feel most alive in Sydney & the Sea I first moved to Sydney in 2000. I had just finished my 9 semesters Design Diploma and was ready to explore the world, to leave my comfort zone, to learn, to travel and to meet new people, new challenges and new opportunities.  […]

Munich & the Mountains

soulolution SOUL Brand Identity Munich & the Mountains

Munich and the Mountains Home sweet Home This is where I am most alive Munich & The Mountains I first moved to Munich & the Mountains in 2001. I had just finished a one year job in an Australian Agency and was desperate to do something new. This was a hard decision, but one of […]

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