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Create a Mood Board in Canva

What is a SOUL Identity Brand Mood Board?
And why do you need one?

A mood board is a visual tool used to organize and convey ideas, feelings, and aesthetics. It typically includes a collection of images, colors, textures, and typography that help to inspire and guide the creative process for a project.
soulolution SOUL Brand Identity Mood Board made in Canva
To create a Mood Board in Canva is always a super important task for any of my SOUL Identity Brand Designs. Although it’s a common design technique, mood boards are valuable for more than just designers like me. They may be used for:
Small Business Owners

The mood boards I design for your SOUL business can be used for many many communication collaterals we create and that „speak“ to your customer. It is super important to be clear and consistent.


A mood board for your blog can be quite helpful in supporting you decide on your design and content/photography theming.


A lot of photographers use mood boards as a reference for their personal aesthetic and for thematically organizing photo assignments.

Creatives & Artists

Once more, mood boards can serve as a style manual for a variety of tasks.


Mood boards are incredibly helpful for theming events and gaining an understanding of a style and vibe.

Why is a Brand Mood Board important?

Mood boards help you set the tone for a project as well as give a visual reference for your ideas. By gathering a variety of materials, a mood board can help to define a brand’s concept, direction, and overall aesthetic.

Create a Mood Board in Canva

Creating a mood board in Canva is an intuitive process that can be done by anyone. Start by finding inspiring images that represent the mood you want to capture. You can draw inspiration from the internet, magazines, art books, photographs, etc. Then, narrow down the images to a few that really capture the desired mood. After that, add some typography, colours, and textures that help to further develop the concept. You can also add descriptive words to give your mood board a voice.

Mood boards are a great tool to help designers and nondesigners alike to visually express their ideas. By creating a mood board, you can easily capture the moods, feelings, and ideas that you want to represent in your project.

SOUL Identity Mood Board OEKO

What should a Brand Mood Board contain?

A mood board designed in Canva can (but is not limited to) a collection of:

  • images (in a specific style) from your personal collection, brand photography or stock images
  • colors
  • textures
  • patterns
  • typography
  • quotes
  • icons
  • symbols
  • details
  • gestures
  • elements
  • sketches & illustrations
  • and much more

that evoke a particular mood or style. 

It can also include words or phrases that describe the desired aesthetic or feeling.

soulolution SOUL Brand Identity Mood Board

How to create a Mood Board in Canva

Creating mood boards, especially digital ones created in Canva, can be challenging but is truly enjoyable. Making one with Canva’s drag-and-drop design tools is super simpler and quick. Browse through the incredible selection of expertly crafted templates, then begin personalizing the ones you like the best to make them ideal for your project. Get photos, graphics, and other design components by searching our media bank. Rearrange, tweak, and share your mood board with me and the rest of the world.

Here is a very very basic guideline on how to create a first SOUL Identity Brand Mood Board in Canva. Feel free to get used to Canva. Play around. Let it sit. Come back. Add. Delete. 

Have Fun!

SOUL Identity Mood Board MerBOLD

Create a Mood Board in Canva


Go to Canva

If you don’t already have an account at Canva, go a head and open an account.

Get Canva, it’s FREE!!


Create a Design

On the Canva homepage just use the upper search bar to search for „Mood Board“ or „Collage“ and you will get plenty of pre designed templates you can use, adjust or even refill from scratch. It is important that the style resonates with you.

soulolution SOUL Brand Identity Mood Board made in Canva


Add your first Images

You can easily drag and drop your Pinterest selection, your own images or you can use the Canva image search and search for relevant images on your own. 
Don’t use images you don’t own! 

Elements > Photos > Enter your search 

soulolution SOUL Brand Identity Mood Board made in Canva


Zoom in and out

With this little bar you can zoom out and into your design. At some point it might come in handy.

soulolution SOUL Brand Identity Mood Board made in Canva


Add Shapes

Feel free to add any sort of shapes to your design.

Elements > Shapes

Adjust the shapes the way you like them by dragging the corners up/down/left/right.

soulolution SOUL Brand Identity Mood Board made in Canva


Add Copy

Feel free to add any text or copy or quotes to your design

Text Tool > Text Field > Edit your text

You can add as much text as you want to. You can even add several files of text.

soulolution SOUL Brand Identity Mood Board made in Canva


Change Fonts

You can change the fonts for every text field you have in your design. Mark the text, go to the above font drop-down, and choose whatever resonates with you.

Keep in mind, not every font can be altered or used e.g. on your website.

soulolution SOUL Brand Identity Mood Board made in Canva


Change Colours

Go to the BOLD letter at the top to get the colour chooser.

Note, that further down you can find a preselection of the specific colours in your image.

Select whatever resonates with you.

soulolution SOUL Brand Identity Mood Board made in Canva


Specific Colours

ou can also go to the little square with the rainbow outline. Here you can choose ANY colour. Sometimes you might already know the so-called hex colour code, just enter the #000000 number.

soulolution SOUL Brand Identity Mood Board made in Canva


Add Icons

You can also add icons, pictograms, patterns and much more. Feel free to use

Elements > Graphics > Search

Some of the elements can be changed in colour to match your design.

soulolution SOUL Brand Identity Mood Board made in Canva


Add Frames

In case you need more image frames, co can add as many as you want. You can even select unique layouts.

Elements > Frames

soulolution SOUL Brand Identity Mood Board made in Canva



Repeat all the above steps until you feel you are ready. Drag and drop your images and elements around.

Please acknowledge that that this process can take a few revisions (or even days). Be patient with yourself! I promise the the effort is worth it and will pay off in the long run!

soulolution SOUL Brand Identity Mood Board


Share your Mood Board

When you are ready, share your mood board!

Click „Share“ at the right-hand corner. You get different options to share it.

soulolution SOUL Brand Identity Mood Board made in Canva

Download your Mood Board

Usually JPEG or PNG are perfect to share with others.


soulolution SOUL Brand Identity Mood Board made in Canva


Woohooo, congratulations, you have created a Mood Board in Canva

This can be so useful for all other collaterals you will be designing in the future.

soulolution SOUL Brand Identity Mood Board

Watch a video on how to create a Mood Board in Canva

In case you prefer to watch a video, I recommend this one from Canva.

If you don’t already have an account at Canva, go a head and open an account.

Get Canva, it’s FREE!!

Customizable SOUL Identity Branding Sets

A predesigned mood board is a collection of images, colors, designs, and fonts that visually represent a brand or concept. It is a visual tool that helps solopreneurs in their branding process by providing a visual representation of their brand’s identity, style, and desired emotional response. Here’s how a predesigned mood board can help solopreneurs in their branding process:
Visual Inspiration

A mood board serves as a source of visual inspiration for solopreneurs. It helps them gather and organize images, colors, and design elements that resonate with their brand’s vision and values. By curating a collection of visuals that evoke the desired emotions and aesthetics, solopreneurs can gain clarity and focus on their brand’s visual direction.

Brand Identity Development

A predesigned mood board aids solopreneurs in developing their brand identity. It allows them to explore different visual elements and combinations to create a cohesive and consistent brand image. By visually representing their brand’s personality, values, and target audience, solopreneurs can establish a strong and recognizable brand identity.

Communication and Collaboration

Mood boards are effective communication tools that help solopreneurs convey their brand vision to designers, collaborators, and stakeholders. By sharing a predesigned mood board, solopreneurs can effectively communicate their desired aesthetic, style, and overall brand direction, ensuring everyone involved is on the same page.


A mood board can assist solopreneurs in making design decisions for their brand. By visually exploring different options and combinations, solopreneurs can evaluate and refine their choices before committing to a specific design direction. This helps them make informed decisions that align with their brand’s identity and resonate with their target audience.

Consistency and Coherence

A predesigned mood board serves as a reference point for maintaining consistency and coherence across various brand touchpoints. It helps solopreneurs ensure that their website, social media graphics, packaging, and other brand elements align with the overall brand aesthetic and messaging. This consistency helps build brand recognition and trust among customers.

In summary, a predesigned mood board is a valuable tool for solopreneurs in their branding process. It provides visual inspiration, aids in brand identity development, facilitates communication and collaboration, supports decision-making, and ensures consistency and coherence across brand touchpoints. By utilizing a mood board, solopreneurs can create a strong and visually appealing brand that resonates with their target audience.

Get your Mood Board in Canva - easy to edit!

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